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USA Trip – July 2010. Niagara Falls and Toronto Airport   Leave a comment

Today was the day for us to fly home from Toronto Airport, and the planned route crossed the border into Canada close to Niagara Falls – so naturally a stop there was included.

However, rather sooner than we expected the buses came to a halt in a car park.

The car park of

Martin’s Fantasy Island – Sat 31st July

We were rather later arriving than had been planned, due to ongoing problems with the bus. (Yes, it had been planned all along, just kept a secret from all except the organisers)

As a result, we had very little time there. Just long enough to ride their woodie – which was surprisingly good for such a small park – and spinning mouse. It’s a shame we did not have longer, it seems a nice park with a reasonable selection of rides. And I didn’t get any photos either, sadly. After all, I was there to ride coasters 😉 It’s not as if I’d been riding them all week, is it? 😆

All too soon it was time to head for

Niagara Falls

Again, we only had a short time here because of the earlier problems with one of the buses (although that had been fixed while we were at Fantasy Island). It was lunchtime anyway, and me and my room mate decided to enjoy lunch in a nice place overlooking the falls – I think it was a good decision.

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