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Trip Report: Frightwater Valley – 31 October 2010   3 comments

I went to Lightwater Valley on 31 October for their Halloween event, for which they renamed themselves “Frightwater Valley”. Two of my friends from the RCCGB had decided to join me.

I have to say that from the moment I left the car park I was impressed by the effort that had gone into transforming the park – even to the extent of having three staff members dressed up to greet the arriving guests. The following pictures were taken before I even got to the ticket desks.

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I need to see how photos appear 🙂

I guess it’s time I put some photos up 🙂

I knew that it was going to be a busy day when I had to park south of pleasure beach. And there was a big black could hovering menacingly over PMBO. (It looked darker than that in reality!)

And how I hate the south entrance being closed at times like this

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