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Just 3 miles on the coach today to

Cedar Point – Thursday 29th July

What to say about Cedar Point? It’s a pretty big park, but the rides are still close together (not quite as much as Blackpool though) because there are so many of them. And no less than 17 coasters among them.

We started the day with an half hour ERS on Maverick (before the park opened) I’d not ridden it before, because it was closed on my only other visit here. It has a launched lift hill (the launch actually continues up the hill) although that is not as exciting as it sounds. It’s not really greatly different to the fast (ski-lift type) on Millennium Force in my opinion. It also has a 95 degree first drop – which was a record when it opened, but now is hardly talked about. The restraints are similar to Rita’s, but the coaster itself is far more extreme (not saying much, I know 😉 ) which means that it is an ear basher unless you can see what is coming and take evasive action. As a result, I only enjoyed that ride in the front seats – although I know others who enjoyed it because they have to actively ride it.

Next up was Top Thrill Dragster, which again opened early just for us to have a half hour ERS. TTD is probably best described as Stealth on steroids. If you like Stealth you will probably love TTD. They are not my favourite type of ride. This ERS was not as exciting as the one on my previous visit to Cedar Point though – that one had been after park close, and the ride had been cooling down for sometime before our ERS. I think there were 3 roll backs that year, but none this year.

The ride with blue supports and red and yellow tracks is Mantis – a B&M stand up. Not a significantly different ride experience to Shockwave at Drayton Manor in my opinion.

Although there was an ERS planned on Millennium force after park close, my ride partner had never ridden it before so (sensibly) wanted to ride it in daylight first so me and him headed over there next. I had ridden it on my previous visit to Cedar Point, but that had been in an early morning ERS – and I feel that when that ride is cold it is lacking in force, and actually not very good. This time it was well warmed up when we rode, and much better for that. The queues were getting pretty long by now though.

A ride that just has to be done once is Mean Streak. Although in my opinion it is only suitable for the hard core rough riders.

Gemini – an Arrow racer, with wooden supports but steel track, had been closed every time I passed it on my previous visit (although other members of the group managed to ride it – I guess I just got lucky) I rode it once this year, in the back seat. I know we complain about rides being painful – but this is the only one that I would say has ever actually hurt me. The seat backs seemed to be plastic rather than padded 😦

Another ride that had been closed on my last visit was their Wildcat, so I was determined to ride it this time. For a 21 year old Schwarzkopf it still gives a fun ride.

Which leads me on nicely to the park railway, with proper big steam locomotives. It has 2 stations, so can either be used to avoid walking or just for the ride. It also has some amusing themeing. Odd fact – it is also one of only two rides which run when lightening is expected in the area. The other is the Antique Cars, which run on gasoline. I don’t actually know why, but I am guessing that these are the only two rides at Cedar Point which do not rely on electricity.

Raptor is their B&M Inverted coaster, which is somewhat more forceful than Nemesis. I still prefer Nemesis though. To me, Nemesis is on of the few coasters where the experience is about more than the coaster itself.

Blue Streak is a decent little woodie. (Not junior – but a 72 foot drop is small by Cedar Point’s standards 😉 )

The twisty yellow coaster is Wicked Twister. It basically launches you forward up the right side three times and backwards twice up the left. It’s a lot of fun. (More information at for those who want it)

The building that says 12E on it houses a bobsleigh ride in the dark. It’s an OK ride 😉

They have fountains there too 😆

And cable cars

By now it was starting to go dark, so time for something to eat and to watch their closing show, integrating effects on the big screen with fire effects and fireworks.

As the show finished, it was time for us to head quietly to Magnum XL-200 for a 30 minute ERS. It was too dark for photos now, and anyway I was too busy repeat riding. It’s certainly a thrilling coaster, but it was notable that a lot of the group had already wandered off to Millennium Force for our final ERS of the night before the last trains ran on Magnum.

So, finally for Cedar Point for this years trip was a 30 minute ERS on Millennium Force. After a couple of rides on this, I really was buzzing by the time I got onto a train to be told there would only be 2 more after it. Since it was on a three train service, I knew this would be my last ride.

However, when we got back to the unload station (which is separate to the loading station) the last train was still there with spare seats. Suddenly my aching feet were forgotten about and I ran (yes me – I RAN) and got one of the last empty seats for a cheeky extra ride. (Incidentally, I got such an adrenaline rush that my feet did not start to ache again until about 2 hours later – then they really did hurt, but it was worth it)

So, tired and extremely happy we headed back to the coach for the thankfully short trip back to the hotel. (The only time on this trip when we stayed in the same hotel more than one night)

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3 responses to “USA Trip – July 2010. Cedar Point

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  1. If there’s any park I dream of going to (along with Thorpe Park!) it’s got to be Cedar Point, especially with it being essentially an extended version of the Pleasure Beach with an impressive collection of coasters. Millennium Force looks outstanding – does it beat PMBO’s ride experience I wonder?- but the bobsled ride has me intrigued. Does it have a storyline or is it like the Black Hole where you are catapulted into pitch black darkness?

    • Millennium Force vs the Big One at Blackpool? It’s a difficult comparison. Although the fact that Magnum XL-200 remains at Cedar Point which was the inspiration for the Big One does imply that they are very different rides. Personally, I cannot say which is better – none of these are my favourite rides.

      I found this article about Disaster Transport (the bobsled ride) which explains things pretty well It definitely does have a theme, but according to the information in the article I cannot help but draw a comparison with Valhalla at Blackpool pleasure beach – it seems that both rides had elaborate effects that have proved unreliable and costly. Disaster Transport has had it’s effects downsized to improve reliability and reduce operational costs, maybe this is the way that Valhalla will go also?

      • Thanks for your reply Peter -It sounds like I’ll have to experience Millennium Force for myself to get the real experience, but I guess a few POVs in the meantime won’t do much harm!

        If cutting down on effects worked for a similar ride, maybe this is what’s needed for Valhalla – the removal of the turntable and water vortex may work wonders, however i’m not too sure if there is enough space before the first drop for a u-turn rather than the current turntable myself at the moment.. Whether it would make the ride more efficient is something i’m not too sure on though unfortunately.

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