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Next morning it was just 40 miles to

Holiday World – Tuesday 27th July

Sadly I did not get any photos that day.

You may have seen The Voyage discussed on other topics. And although far from the roughest coaster I have ever been on, it is probably the wildest. As a result, they have a very strict policy about no cameras on the ride – not even in a zipped pocket. And since we were reminded the night before that breaking that rule would not just result in being thrown out of the park, but also being thrown off the trip I decided the best place for my camera was back on the coach.

I had heard so much about The Voyage before I got to this park that I was both looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. Some of the talk was from the ‘rough riders’ on the trip, and I know how bad some of the coasters that they like are in truth.

I absolutely loved the ride. Yes, it is wild – and it really does not let up from the top of the lift hill until it gets back to the station. But WHAT A RIDE!!!! Even after the trim brakes just past the halfway point, which really slow the ride down. I think that I have worked out how it gets its speed back after that point, but I’m still not certain. It seemed to puzzle a number of people on the trip. But in summary, it had become my number 1 woodie before we got back to the station. I still want to ride El Toro again at SF Great Adventure to refresh my memory, but The Voyage is just amazing. (Or should that be ‘awesome’ :lol:)

They have 2 other big woodies there. Sadly The Legend was not running that day, due to gearbox problems – but the Raven was running well and is another great coaster. (Just not compared with The Voyage though. Sorry – I’m getting excited again by the memory 😉 )

The themeing of the park is interesting though. It’s in a town called Santa Claus in Indiana, and I presume that was the inspiration for the park name and theme (Holiday in the USA meaning things like Christmas and Thanksgiving – if they go away, they go on vacation). They have lands called Christmas; Halloween; 4th of July and Thanksgiving.

They also have a very good water park there, with “Wildebeast – the World’s longest Water Coaster” new for the 2010 season. I was too busy riding the woodies to get into the water park, but those who did say that it was a great ride.

I particularly liked the fact that their  “shoot the chute” ride – Pilgrim’s Plunge – was accessible from both Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari.  Although I did not go into the water park on this occasion, I can see the attraction of riding in swimwear.

All too soon it was time to leave the park and get on the coach for the 190 mile journey to the next hotel.

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