USA and Canada Trip – June 2009. Rye Playland   Leave a comment

Friday 12 th June

This started with a park that was not on the itinerary. On the coach we were given a brief history of a park that we would be passing close by – then asked if we would like to visit it. Of course it had been planned all along, but it was still a nice surprise. So:-

Clementon Park and Splash World


Flying Chairs (or whatever they are called 😉 )

Park Railway (A bit standard this one)

After 2 hours we returned to the coach, and continued on to the published destination for the day:

(Rye) Playland

It had been raining heavily, but stopped as our coach pulled up.


Anybody who does not appreciate AIR should try a ride like Superflight – to see how bad they can be 😈

Dragon Coaster

Hmmm – this reminds me of something 😀

General Shots

For any movie buffs, ‘Big‘ – starring Tom Hanks – was filmed here.

And finally – a set of gallopers that retains it’s racing mechanism.

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