USA Trip – July 2010. Michigan’s Adventure   Leave a comment

Some of you may have realised that I’ve been to the USA riding coasters again 😆

I’d like to share a few photos and memories from the trip on here.

We flew into Chicago on the Saturday evening and drove 201 miles by coach to a hotel near our first park:

Michigan’s Adventure – Sunday 25th July

The first coaster of the trip was Shivering Timbers

One of my fellow travellers described it as an out, and out, and out, and out and back coaster – I don’t think he exaggerated 😆 It’s a good woodie, with an interesting bit of trick track on the way back and a helix at the end. And a great start to the trip – big and fun, but not too rough and wild.

Since the park was not yet open to the public, they then took us by the park railway to our next ride – Thunderhawk. (It may have also been a crafty way to make sure we all stayed together 😉 )

After that it was time to explore the park as we each saw fit.

They have another woodie which is fun, but much smaller than Shivering Timbers

(I may have been a bit trigger happy on that shot – I wanted at least some of the train out of the tunnel 😆 As you can see, that is before the lift hill)

They also have a corkscrew with a very simple layout. (It’s possibly no bigger than the one planned for LWV, and it only went round once.)

They also had a ride called a big dipper which I would have described as a little dipper. And it reminded me of the rides from my youth which put me off riding coasters for a long time – they are rough!!! Somehow I didn’t get a photo of it, nor of Zach’s Zoomer – their junior woodie which was good fun.

All too soon it was time to get back on the coach for a 244 mile trip to the next hotel.

Click here to read about the next part of the trip



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