USA Trip – July 2010. But where were we going?   Leave a comment

And the mystery park was…….

Waldameer – Friday 30th July

I’ll admit to being slightly disappointed when I realised that the mystery park was Waldameer, as I had visited it on the 2009 RCCGB trip and I had been hoping for Kennywood which had a new coaster this season. However, after the first ride on Ravine Flyer II I was more than happy to be there – it really is an amazing coaster. It is incredibly re-ridable, and yet is far from a tame ride.

Not a lot of photos today, as I had taken most that I wanted last time.

After the big build up, I suppose I had better put the pictures of Ravine Flyer II first 😆

They have another woodie, the Comet, which I have a little trouble classifying. They don’t list it as a kiddie or family coaster, and yet the cars seem to be about the same size as Zipper Dipper’s. Perhaps even the Americans were smaller back in 1951. (Just checked, and it is listed as a family coaster – so I was wrong. I still prefer my version 😉 )

And finally, among the photos I took at lunchtime, I realised that I had caught a ride similar to the monster that used to be at pleasure beach in the background.

This was the last park of the trip. Just as well really, as when we got back to the buses one of them had the engine cover open with a mechanic working on it. Fortunately, he had almost finished and we were soon on our way to our last hotel of the trip.

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