USA Trip – July 2010. Indiana Beach   3 comments

We were back on the coach bright and early for the 44 mile trip to our next park:

Indiana Beach – Monday 26th July

This was a park that surprised a few of us. It doesn’t have any coasters that look amazing on paper (or the internet :lol:) but somehow it was just full of fun.

This was partially down to a quirky little coaster called “The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain”. This was originally built as a powered dark ride, but has since been re-built as a wooden coaster using an elevator lift for the 2 car trains.

They weren’t joking! Maybe it feels safer than Blackpool’s wild mouse because of the enclosed cars and a substantial lapbar system – but it goes round some corners that feel impossibly tight, and 4 out of the 8 riders are going backwards.

The yellow coaster that can be seen in many of the following pictures is called Cornball Express, and was a real airtime machine. One of the type that seems to give you more the more times you ride it. There were times that I seemed to be out of my seat far more than I was in it!

The blue train belongs to the Hoosier Hurricane. Much like the PMBO, it seems to have been built after the park was well established – hence it is mainly over and round the other rides.

(This is when I discovered that the sport setting on my camera was a continuous shooting mode 😉 )

The Tig’rr coaster is a Schwarzkopf Jetstar. The 4 seater cars certainly gave a more thrilling ride than Space Invader used to 😉 It’s perhaps more akin to the much-missed Blackhole at Alton Towers, which was a Jet Star 2. Tig’rr has a straight lift though, as can be seen in these pictures.

It seemed to me as if two of the woodies had been built on stilts above the rest of the park. The stations for them were certainly elevated too – not quite as high as the Revolution, but still a lot of steps to climb.

There was also a good walk through. And I will not tell you the secret of the room of doors, but I will tell you that the best way out is not through the ‘chicken’ door.

There is also a ride called Steel Hawg. But since it looks just like MumboJumbo I couldn’t be bothered photographing it 😆

The park sits right on the edge of lake Shafer, and has it’s very own paddle steamer (which I completely forgot to photograph!!!). There is also jetski and speedboat hire available from just outside the park.

Finally, a few general shots of the park. (Including our arrival, just to see who is paying attention 😈 )

After another fun day (I don’t know how some of my fellow travellers found time to go on the jetskis etc!) it was time to get back on the coach for a 226 mile trip to the next hotel. This was a rather intense trip.

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3 responses to “USA Trip – July 2010. Indiana Beach

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  1. I have to say this is one nice looking park from a distance but when we went less than a month ago it was a complete waste of money and time. Half of the rides weren’t working and they need to put some money into the upkeep.

    I do love your pictures though. Very nice looking

  2. I have heard that this park ended its season early this year.

    Taking that alongside your comment, and knowing that Indiana Beach previously got itself a reputation for being rundown and losing custom, I do fear for the future of the park.

  3. I retruned to Indiana Beach in June 2013, and I’m pleased to report that it is still open, and things seem to be running well there. Cornball Express remains my favourite ride, which I could happily ride over and over again. And the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain reamins fun and quirky

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