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Today was the second Merlin park on the trip – Heide Park.  The first one had been Legoland on day 3

The first ride of the day was on Desert Race. This is pretty much a clone of RITA at Alton Towers, although the control box is very cleverly themed – it is the helicopter that can be seen in the picture.

Next up was the biggest disappointment of the trip – Colossos, the park’s  Intamin woodie was not working.  We were unable to ascertain what the problem was, although we were told that it would not run again in the 2010 season.  We could only stand and stare, photograph and dream.

Next up was the mack bobsled

With a witty way of telling you  to take your belongings with you 😆

Bobbahn done, what’s next?

Ah yes –  Bigloop which one would immediately see as a corkscrew type ride.  But this one has 2 loops in before the corkscrew, making for quite a ride.  And if the trains look a little familiar, Merlin shifted them here from Alton Towers to replace the previous Arrow trains.

Not just a height limit, but a minimum age as well. (8 years)

It makes for some great photos too.

This park has two monorails. But I mainly rode this one because it went over part of the construction site of their new ride. (More about that later in this report 😉The impatient can click here to go there now )

This is the other monorail, disappearing into an elaborately themed tunnel.

That blur on the ledge is the runaway mine train.

And here is a close up of some of the detail in the themeing.

The water at the bottom of that picture is for a boat ride.  The monorail and the runaway mine train also run through here, but it is only from the boat ride that the following are visible.

The next ride will look very familiar to those who know Alton Towers.   And I’m sure that it will not come as a surprise to find that I did not ride it.

Pictures of and from the Riverboat.

But remember – “Don’t drink and fly” 😆

This pirate ship is where the park puts on one of its pirate shows. I did not see this one, but I saw one in another area of the park – and I was very pleasantly surprised. Even though all the dialogue was in German (well, obviously 😉 ) the antics were mainly visual and very funny. But they also incorporated some very skilful and impressive acrobatic displays into the story. Normally such shows do not interest me, but this one was exceptional in my opinion.

Log flume (as seen from the monorail)

And this is indy-blitz, a fun little family coaster (again, as seen from the monorail)

The park railway was not running, since part of its tracks were covered to give access to the construction site for the new ride. (Click here to go to construction photos)

Dutch themed area – but the buildings at the back are actually part of the resort hotel – Port Royal.

General photos to show themeing.


And finally, here is the section of construction photos for the park’s new dive coaster. Just groundwork at this time though.

Not really much to see, although it’s all good fun trying to guess what it will look like. It is already known that it will be a B&M Dive Coaster, but looking at how close the construction is to the lake and seeing that some of the work is definitely below the water level, there will probably be some interaction with the water.

Click here to read about the next part of the trip Click here to read about the previous part of the trip



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