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Day 6 brought us to Phantasialand, an amazingly themed park with some quite special rides.  Unfortunately, it was also a day when I felt quite unwell – and the weather was pretty cold too – so I avoided the water rides.  My friends all tell me that they were pretty special, but sadly I can’t give my personal opinion on that.

The Talocan is a suspended top spin, and I believe the only one in Europe.  There is a good review with pictures here.

As might be expected, there are a number of differently themed areas.  These generally work together very well, even though the attractions are quite tightly packed.

The building in the background conceals the top part of Black Mamba’s lift hill.  And Wildwasserbahn is one of the park’s log flumes.

This is part of the park’s indoor twin spinning coaster – Winjas fear and force.  I only rode one side, since it made me a bit nauseous – I am sure this was more due to my state of health than the ride itself, but I was erring in the side of caution. It’s a fun ride, with a few extra features to set it apart from other rides of the same type.  I’m not going to say what they are, you need to go and find out for yourself 😉

The front of Wuzetown – which houses Winjas.

Those splash battle boat ride things get everywhere :lol:.  Although these were better (for me anyway) because there were receptacles around the course to fire at.  Once they were full enough, they would trigger a water effect which was quite fun – and did not usually wet the boat’s occupants.

This is the Berlin area of the park – recreating a street scene from the 1920s.  There are often street entertainers in this area of the park, although not surprisingly they are not very evident when it is raining – which it was today.

And finally – Black Mamba.  A ride very reminiscent of Nemesis at Alton Towers.  It has a different layout, but makes use of tunnels and canyons to give many near misses like Nemesis does.  I have a feeling that it might be the better of the two rides, although I would need many more goes on it to be sure.

Towards the end of the day I was starting to feel better, so I headed off towards  Colorado Adventure – otherwise known as the Michael Jackson Thrill Ride.  It is a runaway minetrain, and supposed to be a very good (and wild) one, but unfortunately for me had stopped running.

This is one park that I very much want to go back to, and hopefully I won’t be under the weather when I do.  I enjoyed my day there, but there was so much that I did not do or fully appreciate.

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