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The themeing in the Europa Park hotels really is very good.  This is the corridor leading into Hotel Santa Isabel from Hotel El Andaluz.  We were heading over there because I had persuaded my two friends that it would be better to try Portuguese food than the Italian that most of our group had chosen.

Fortunately, we decided to  check where the restaurant was before the time we had booked to eat.  (These restaurants get very busy, especially the fixed price buffet type ones)  I did not know at the time of booking that there were different prices for the different buffets, and when we got there we found that this was almost twice the price we had been expecting. It was more than we were prepared to pay, so we went back to reception in our hotel (El Andaluz) to cancel our reservation and discuss other options.  One of my friends really was not happy about eating late, and we found that the best option was to eat in the A la Carte Spanish Restaurant in out hotel who had a table available immediately.

Based on the experiences of our group, I believe we actually made the best choice.  Those who had eaten at the Italian Buffet had said that it was very limited in choice, and seemed disappointed.  And we had actually paid more or less the same for a 2 course meal and 2 beers.  Obviously, people are looking for different things from restaurants – and if you are looking to satisfy yourself with an all you want buffet then our choice would not suit you.

The hotels are of a 4* standard, and have all the features that you would expect of them.   But they are priced accordingly.  It’s not what I was looking for.  Of course, you do get the benefit of early entry.  It’s usually half an hour early, but due to this being the park’s 35th anniversary it was extended to 35 minutes.

Waiting to be let in

Even when we were allowed into the park, there was only a limited selection of rides open. So we started by riding the Alpine Coaster “Enzian”.  It’s a mine train ride, not what I would usually regard as an alpine coaster.  It runs through the “Magic world of Diamonds”, as does the Tirol Log Flume.

Once the park was fully open, we headed straight for Blue Fire – the park’s newest roller coaster – and Mack’s first ever launch coaster.  I was very happy to find that they have developed a restraint system that permits the train to go upside down without the type of over the shoulder restraints that bash my ears.

And then a look at Europa’s latest addition: Whale Adventures- Splash Tours. It seems as if this sort of ride is very popular with parks at the moment, although not with me.  They are fun, but only when I want to cool down – Germany in late September was already pretty chilly!

The building at the back which resembles Tower of Terror is actually the hotel Castillo Alcazar. The blue ride is the Atlantica SuperSplash.

They certainly seem to like their water rides here. This is Poseidon, the water coaster.

And this is Pegasus, a YoungSTAR coaster.  It’s the first time I have ridden this type of ride, which is suitable for children from 1 meter in height, and I have to say it was surprisingly good.

Roller coaster Pegasus at Europa-Park, Rust, G...

Pegasus (Europapark)

We did ride Silver Star and Eurosat and Euromir of course – but everybody writes about them

And then it was time for lunch, in a really nicely themed castle!

Followed by a gentle walk, and a few shots of the themeing.

And to take in the views from the observation tower

DSCN1260 DSCN1270 DSCN1271
DSCN1264 DSCN1268 DSCN1267
DSCN1265 DSCN1261 DSCN1262

And I couldn’t resist this photo opportunity 😉

And to finish the day, a gentle ride on the rafts. Quite good scenery on these.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was the end of the day at Europa Park.

Or should that have been Janes and Tarzans? 😆

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2 responses to “Germany 2010 – Day 5

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  1. Wow Peter, looks like a fantastic park!

    Hope you got plenty of rides in. I don’t know Europa at all, so it looks like either a very quiet day, or just very spread out of guests. Some great rides though, Poseidon looks really like my kind of ride, and I wouldn’t mind trying out Blue Fire if I’m honest 😀

    Nice pics dude, thanks for sharing them with the world!

    • We visited on a Wednesday towards the end of September, so I’m guessing it was fairly quiet by their standards.

      It is a big park though, and some of those photos were taken away from the big attractions – which would explain why there are not crowds of people in them. The queuelines are quite big though, especially for the likes of Silver Star – and the popular rides did have significant queues. (Just don’t ask me to remember how long :lol:)

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