Germany 2010 – Day4. Part 2   Leave a comment

It was then a short drive to out next destination, which only the organisers knew about.  Hassenhorn Coaster, Todtnau

I’ll let the pictures tell their own story 😉

Here come a red car

And now a yellow one

And another red one – look closely, I caught this one earlier in it’s run.

So, our surprise destination was a mountain coaster – sometimes known as an alpine coaster.  You can read more about this type of coaster here.   Unlike the bobsleigh ride ridden earlier at Steinwasen (see report ) which runs in an open metal trough and can leave the tracks, this type of coaster has upstop wheels which mean that it can’t leave the tracks.  It was the first time that I had ridden this type of ride, and it felt pretty scary to start with so I used the brakes quite extensively.  It was still a great ride.

In fact, it was so good that I went back for another go.  The cost of the first ride had been included in the trip, but because the price of the tickets reduced for buying 20 or more the organiser bought 20 for the group of 14 – and then sold the extra 6 to those who wanted another go.  Second time around I used the brake much less, and it was better than the first time.  It was only when we were on the way back to the minibus that one of my friends pointed out that because the cars could not leave the track, and that as they leant into the corners at speed the brake pads caught on the track and limited the speed anyway, there really was no actual need to brake at all.  I’ll work up to that, I think 😉

View from the chairlift on the way up.

View from the top

A good place for a phone mast, I guess.  And for taking photographs of course.

So, quite an unusual day.  No major coasters – well not by big park standards. But one small park with a lot of fun features, and a very long mountain coaster in a spectacular location.

And now it was time to get back onto the minibus and head for the next hotel – El Andaluz at Europa Park

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