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It was now evening, and we arrived at our hotel in Stuttgart. Disaster would be too strong a word for the place, but it was more like a hostel than a hotel – and checking in took forever! But eventually everything was sorted – and we crossed the street to catch a tram to the festival.  I guess there has to be one disappointing hotel on a trip 😆

This was a smaller affair than Oktoberfest, but still very impressive.

First off was a ride on TestStreke. It was obviously smaller than Olympia Looping, but still a really impressive coaster for a travelling ride.

Next up was AirWolf. My friend had heard of it, and was extremely keen to ride – even though he did not know what it actually did. There were only about 3 people waiting for it, so we decided to ride it anyway (as time was pressing – as I said before, this trip was intense in many ways. I’d do it again tomorrow though :)). I’m still not sure what it did, but it sure had plenty of motions available – and never did one thing for long!

At this stage we met up with another friend, who was really keen to do the Topspin. I’m not a great fan of the ride type, but thought that I would give it a go. This was my first experience of riding a ride type that I knew under the control of a German showman. All I can say is WOW! That ride did things that I’d never experienced before, and was on a long cycle. Fortunately for us, we had been joined by a small group of German lads who shouted for another cycle (or something like that) as the ride slowed down. It was intense – although the friend who had suggested riding regretted having done so.

We just had time to squeeze in a Ghost Train before closing time

We also rode a crazy mouse – which was brutal! Maybe there is a place for trim brakes after all 😆

Oh, and this time I actually did get a beer. But at a stall, not in a beer tent. I guess I’m just going to have to go again, now I know what to expect 🙂

But I can some the fairs up in one word – amazing.

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