Germany 2010 – Day 3. Part 2   Leave a comment

We travelled on to Tripsdrill in the afternoon.

The main reason for visiting was to ride Mammut – a woodie that opened in 2008.

It’s a fun coaster, there is no doubt about that. But frankly, we were all a little disappointed by it. It looks really impressive, maybe even imposing. But it just does not seem to have enough force to it. One of my friends commented that it has polyurethane wheels (I think) and that it would run a lot faster with steel wheels. Although he also thought that it would shake itself apart with steel wheels. I think that we had failed to take into account that this was very much a family park. Considering the other attractions that were there, it was probably exactly right for the park. It’s just that it looked so impressive…..

They also had a pretty decent log flume, although the indoor section full of naked models did seem a bit odd for a family park. There is a steel coaster that runs around the ‘mountain’ that houses the flume which is a Gerstlauer Bobsled (similar to Cobra at Paulton’s Park in the UK). It is good fun, although it seems more wild mouse than bobsled to me. I didn’t get any photos though, sorry. 😥

Roller Coaster G'Sengte Sau at Erlebnispark Tr...

Image via Wikipedia

They also had a fairly unusual drop ride

The theming of the park was a little quirky, but well executed.

I noticed there was a full sized windmill as part of the theming, so enquired of the friend who had visited before what was inside. He said that we would do the windmill first – and I found that it cunningly concealed a helter skelter type slide.

All told, a fun little park – although again nothing to appeal to hardcore adrenaline junkies. (Fortunately for me, I can enjoy many types of rides)

A note of warning though – even visiting Germany in September I needed plenty of layers. It’s colder than here – well, in places anyway.

Once the park closed, it was time for us to head to our next hotel.

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