Germany 2010 – Day 2   Leave a comment

The morning of Sunday 26 September saw us arrive at Holiday Park in Germany.

We headed for Expedition Ge-Force, and my heart sank when I was told that it was like a baby Millennium Force. Personally, I feel that Millennium Force is actually pretty forceless unless you catch it on a really good day. I should not have worried – Expedition Ge-Force is an amazing coaster. It is just full of hills and airtime and twists and turns – and fun. My only complaint is that the restraints are positioned just over your thighs – and all that airtime can get painful. I still couldn’t stay off it though πŸ˜† The theming was quite simple, but somehow effective. It’s certainly one of my favourite steelies.

That Richard Rodriguez certainly gets around πŸ˜†

Would anybody like to guess what the ‘pipi station’ was?

Then it was on to the log flume

Yes – the log really does go backwards in that section.

And then it was on to the car-themed wild mouse

Which appears to be rather new πŸ˜‰

And these parks don’t mess about when it comes to Halloween theming

I hope that last image wasn’t too shocking 😈

Although that was actually permanent theming – in this area

A very enjoyable park – and Expedition Ge-Force is a coaster that I want to return to.

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