Germany 2010 – Day 2. Part 2   Leave a comment

We left Holiday Park in the early afternoon and headed to

Skyline Park

This was a quirky little park, which turned out to be tremendous fun. I will let the pictures illustrate what I mean

That picture gives just a glimpse of the quirkiest ride of all – the Sky Wheel. Which is actually a coaster, and uses the same Maurer Sohne X-Cars (and restraints) as G-Force at Drayton Manor. More information can be found at, but the following extract gives an idea of what it is all about:-

This exciting new ride is based on the innovative MAURER X-Car, the world’s first roller coaster car to allow inverted ride elements without shoulder restraints. Passengers are subjected to negative g forces, secured by no more than a lap strap – freedom with a rush of adrenaline.

The Sky Wheel exploits this new potential to the full, without easing the passengers in gently. Immediately after leaving the station, the X-Car rides up vertically to a height of 46 m where it performs a gut-wrenchingly slow quarter loop – backwards. Inspired by the world of aerobatics, this revolutionary ride figure has been christened the “Humpty Bump Lift”. Subjected to a force of -1 g, the passengers hang upside down at a dizzying height – secured only by a hip restraint.

From a distance, the Sky Wheel looks like a giant Ferris wheel, but with no hub or spokes. Apart from the panoramic view of the Alps, however, the roller coaster has little in common with the tranquillity of a Ferris wheel. The Humpty Bump is followed instantly by a 360° corkscrew and a plummeting vertical drop at 105 km/h. After swinging spectacularly to and fro, again at impressive heights, the X-Car returns to the station – or, depending on requirements and capacity, launches itself over the summit once more and embarks on another breathtaking ride.

I still have mixed feelings about that ride! It was quite an experience, and not all bad. Although those restraints still tend to tighten mid-ride, which most people dislike. It was quite fun – but 2 goes were enough for me (and too many for others in my party)

All too soon it was 7pm and the park was closing – time to move on. There were other rides there that I did not get pictures of – like a spin-doctor type ride, and a suspended spinning coaster. But a full day there would be plenty.

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