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At 2am on 24 September 2010, (Correction – it was 25 September by now – I had left home on the evening of 24th) 14 of us boarded a minibus in Kent for a hectic trip to two beer festivals – with theme parks en route to add to the fun. It was organised by a friend of mine, and most people already knew each other – which made for a crazy atmosphere from the off 😆

First stop was Efteling in the Netherlands, where we met up with a trip organised by the ECC (For those who don’t know – the European Coaster Club, which is based in the UK) for an ERS on their new racing woodie – Joris en de Draak, which I am told translates as George and the Dragon.

This was a good, fun ride where the tracks do not remain together for the whole course, but rather cross each other a few times before coming together for a race to the finish line. This is really effective if the trains are evenly paced, although less so if one gets ahead and the riders on the other one can see the first cross over before they reach the crossing. The theming is really good in the station, where the winning train is greeted by banners unfurling from the ceiling. (Which I totally failed to capture on camera)

Main Entrance

Joris en de Draak

Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman)

Unfortunately this was experiencing technical difficulties while we were there. Owing to the distance to our next hotel (this was a particularly hectic trip) we had to leave early afternoon, and I hear from a friend in the ECC trip that it opened later in the day. Ah well – I will just have to go back 😉

It looks like Squirrel Nutty has a Dutch cousin 😆

Theming was excellent throughout

Efteling - Pyhon achtbaan

Image via Wikipedia

We also rode Bobbaan -an Avalanche type ride, with cars that hold 6 people (2 abreast) and has a drop and a hill before entering the bobsleigh section.

And the Python – which is a Vekoma corkscrew, but has recently had new trains (by Kumbak 😯 ). I found that by forcing my shoulders up against the restraints that the ride wasn’t too bad. (No – I didn’t think that it was a great ride :lol:)

And Vogle Rok, which is an indoor coaster. I am told that it is supposed to have good effects inside, but there were none in evidence that day. It was still a good ride though, with more than one lift hill.

We also rode the following, which had some similarities to the  “It’s a Wonderful World” ride that used to be at  Blackpool pleasure beach (taken from )

Dream Flight ‘Droomvlucht’ was opened in 1993 and has since become the most popular attraction at the Efteling. During a 6 minute ride you are taken on a dream flight starting at a height of 13 metres, and left to descend past imaginary dream-like creatures in a wonderful fairytale land.

All too soon it was time to head for the minibus. We had done all the major rides that were available, but this park would definitely warrant a longer visit to explore all it has to offer.

This is an observation, not a complaint about the trip. I was able to visit a wide range of theme parks and enjoy many rides that were new to me – I just need to go back to some of them.


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